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“Our experience with DOCEO has been great! They are always there very quickly for us when we are in need and they take the time to teach us how to use more functions every time they come.”

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“DOCEO has done nothing more than surpassed every expectation. More recently, though, we were delighted when we were approached us with an unsolicited proposal to upgrade our existing DOCEO office equipment and save money. That initiative, combined keen understanding of our particular set of needs, demonstrated DOCEO’s continued commitment to our firm’s success.”

“One example of DOCEO’s exceptional service occurred when I was out of the office. Our staff had a special printing project for booklets and the print setting changed from when they needed. The instructions I left behind were not quote on the mark so a service technician came in to physically help my staff. This, in my opinion, is going above and beyond what you would expect.”

“Whenever I’ve called with a question, anyone I talked with was extremely helpful and it was so nice to talk to a person right away! I appreciate your service team taking the time to walk me through the set-up. Any company can copiers, but it takes a special company to realize that customer service is the key to keeping business. DOCEO excels!”

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“When an issue arises, DOCEO has promptly sent out a well-trained and courteous technician on the same day, usually within a few hours. The technicians are knowledgeable with the equipment and can walk through scenarios with tips to make copies even better.”


“CBY Systems operates in a very compliance driven industry and as such we need to document our work requiring a lot of copies. We use our copiers and scanners constantly during the workday. If our machines are down, it is lost production and lost revenue for our company.”

This is why are extremely pleased with DOCEO Office Solutions. They continue to deliver great service and have maintained their philosophy of ‘Service After the Sale.’ Anyone can sell your a copier but to stand behind your product is a rare find today.”

“We had utilized many sources for our copying equipment, but had never found a reliable and capable partner until we began to utilize DOCEO. Their ability to match our copying needs and their equipment recommendations, paired with their service responsiveness, have solved our problems. DOCEO goes well beyond the normal response you would expect from an office equipment supplier.”

“Their customer service is always exceptional. Each time that new toner has been needed, we order and it is here the next day. We have had only a few technical issues thus far but they were easily resolved with instructions from a technician over the phone.”

Fawn Township

“From proposal, to support, to service needs – the entire DOCEO staff has and continues to exceed expectations fin terms of quality, value and responsiveness.”

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“The copying equipment in our office receives hard use, particularly during our annual campaign. It cannot be “down” for any period of time. DOCEO understands our needs and responds quickly with expert service assistance.”

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“The equipment in our office is used extremely heavily, and produces materials we felt on to serve our own customers – often on evenings and weekends. DOCEO understands this and responds accordingly in the rare event where we have had a problem. Beyond this, I appreciate that our business relationship is based on trust, mutual respect and a common commitment to the community we serve.”

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“DOCEO made available to us a new copier with a significant increase in capabilities at a savings of hundreds of dollars a year! From the very beginning, DOCEO was responsive, faithful in keeping time commitments and delivered on their promises.”

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“At first, we couldn’t believe these numbers! DOCEO made available a copier agreement with a significant increase in capabilities while saving $1,752.00 per year for your church.”

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“Not only did I find the DOCEO staff professional in all of our dealings, but I found a company who seemed to want to help. They did just that. DOCEO was able to provide us with brand new machine and save us approximately $500 annually.”

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“In a public school environment, our taxpayers want a low cost vendor while our employees demand responsive service. Equally important, though, is that you must be able to trust those who you decide to engage in a business relationship. DOCEO continues to earn our trust and this is appreciated.”

Northeastern School District

“Since switching to DOCEO, our church bas been able to significantly reduce printing costs, while also increasing the quality of our printed materials. DOCEO’s product, services and personnel truly make the difference.”

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“From an operational perspective, we’ve even been able to run several print jobs in-house that we outsourced in the past. Best of all, with these improvements in performance, we are saving nearly 35% each year on our overall lease and operating expenses.”


“DOCEO has proven several times that they care for it’s community and non-profit organizations like Captivate Community Church, who does not often have a budget that allows for extravagance. We have just what we need for our printing needs and they have assisted us in making that possible.”

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“I work with DOCEO at another non-profit organization so I knew we would have a great product at an affordable rate. I appreciate DOCEO’s assistance to buy out our previous contract and make arrangements for the return of our old machine.”

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“As a non-profit organization, we purposefully and carefully choose to do business with companies that support our organization beyond providing a product and/or service. Our expectation of excellent service, superior products, as well as the support of our organization’s fundraising goals of DOCEO Office Solutions has historically proven to be above and beyond our expectations.”


“It is clear that DOCEO values non-profits and charitable organizations. They demonstrate this not only with their pricing, but through direct philanthropic initiatives as well.”

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“As a member of YCEA, DOCEO is supportive of all of our efforts to build the York County business community and is a strong partner in the community overall. Just about all of DOCEO’s employees are involved in either our organization or other community service organizations, and DOCEO’s culture to continuously give back is much appreciated.”

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“We not only love all of the features that our DOCEO copier has to offer, but we LOVE the quality of the jobs and the professional looks it provides. In addition, toner and service is provided and we are thrilled with DOCEO’s customer service. They are truly a full-service company and their staff is friendly with the most helpful disposition.”

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“DOCEO’s customer service is unparalleled in the business community. They offer a 2-hour window of service repairs, a live body to speak to when we call and every person that has crossed the threshold of our church has been kind, respectful thoughtful and knowledgeable. They have gone above and beyond in their support, training, expertise and quality of service.”

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“DOCEO’s informative, friendly calls to examine our need to determine how they could best meet them were most helpful. We appreciate them proceeding at a comfortable pace without pressuring us for a decision.”

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“Whenever a technician is in the office, they are all very professional and get their work done efficiently, without disruption of the staff.”

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