“In the years that have passed since that initial meeting, DOCEO has done nothing more than surpassed every expectation. More recently, though, we were delighted when we were approached us with an unsolicited proposal to upgrade our existing DOCEO office equipment and save money.

That initiative, combined keen understanding of our particular set of needs, demonstrated DOCEO’s continued commitment to our firm’s success. Needless to say, we see DOCEO as an integral part of our team.”

Bradley J. Leber
Blakey, Yost, Bupp & Rausch, LLP

“We are extremely pleased with the quality of our machine – the colors are vibrant and clear. We moved the production of many of our marketing materials in-house at a fraction of the cost with the ability to print just the right number (no waste – another bonus).

As in the past, installation and set-up went quickly and smoothly. We’ve had few issues where service was needed and those have always been handled promptly and skillfully. Thank you for helping us advance our mission cost-effectively and professionally.”

Wilda Alessi
Executive Director, Leadership York

“In a public school environment, our taxpayers want a low cost vendor while our employees demand responsive service. Equally important, though, is that you must be able to trust those who you decide to engage in a business relationship.  DOCEO continues to earn our trust and this is appreciated.”

Brian Geller
Director of Operations, Northeastern School District

“I want to personally thank you for your time and effort that you and our staff have taken to get to know me, our office staff and our business.  It is a pleasure to have a machine which operates as intended, instead of a machine which is a source of office jokes.”

Matthew D. Menges, Esquire
Trinity Law

“We had utilized many sources for our copying equipment, but had never found a reliable and capable partner until we began to utilize DOCEO. Their ability to match our copying needs and their equipment recommendations, paired with their service responsiveness, have solved our problems. DOCEO goes well beyond the normal response you would expect from an office equipment supplier.”

John A. Klinedinst, P.E.
Chief Administrative Officer, C.S. Davidson, Inc.

“The copying equipment in our office is used extremely heavily, and produces materials we rely on to serve our customers. DOCEO understands this and responds accordingly.  Beyond this, I appreciate that our business relationship is based on trust, mutual respect and a common commitment to the community we serve.”

Eric Menzer
President, York Revolution

“The service did not stop once the sale was complete. The DOCEO service team has been very knowledgeable and responsive to our every need.

From an operational perspective, we’ve even been able to run several print jobs in-house that we outsourced in the past. Best of all, with these improvements in performance, we are saving nearly 35% each year on our overall lease and operating expenses.”

Lucy Suter Zander
Executive Director, United Way of Carlisle & Cumberland County

“As the United Way has needed to become more efficient, DOCEO has provided us with equipment solutions that have allowed us to reduce our printing costs and produce in-house copies that are not subject to a reduction of quality.

The copying equipment in our office receives hard use, particularly during our annual campaign. It cannot be “down” for any period of time. DOCEO understands our needs and responds quickly with expert service assistance. Our relationship is based upon mutual respect and a common commitment to the community for which we serve. For the United Way, it is gratifying to be working with a company that values community service and gives back both with it’s manpower and financial resources.”

Robert J.Woods
Executive Director, United Way of York

“DOCEO Office Solutions has not merely earned our business once, they CONTINUE TO EARN our business with each and every interaction we have with them. CBY Systems is a more efficient company because we use DOCEO Office Solutions.”

Steven Gohn
President, CBY Systems

As a non-profit organization, we purposefully and carefully choose the do business with companies that support our organization beyond providing a product and/or service. Our expectation of excellent service, superior products, as well as the support of our organization’s fundraising goals of DOCEO Office Solutions has historically proven to be above and beyond our expectations.

DOCEO offers quick response when our office products are out of service. They know how much we rely upon them do to business. The technicians, office personnel and salespeople are very knowledgeable and are politely responsive to our requests and needs.”

Jody Shaffer
Executive Director, YWCA Hanover

“DOCEO took the time to walk me through the transition, let me know what to expect and how to respond. They also provided a way for the church to terminate the lease on our copiers prior to the end of the agreement. When the copiers came, it was a pleasure working with your installers. They could not have been more courteous and professional.

Phillip Zimmerman
Chief Financial Officer, Christ Community Church