Take Control with a Document Management System!

A document management system (DMS) is a software system that allows organizations to bring all documents and files together into a centralized repository electronically, so that they can be easily shared and used.

Electronic record management system software also enables organizations to set up a defined set of rules and controls, to keep track of documents, control the incoming and outgoing of documents and files and keep tabs on how the documents are being used.

A DMS enables you to manage files and documents in a systematic and organized manner using computer systems and networks. These systems offer many solutions and benefits over traditional filing methods.

DMS Advantages

  • Customize folder structure
  • Store documents of different formats, in electronic form
  • Index documents effectively for easy retrieval (create words to search by, create searchable PDFs)
  • Provide access across functions or locations
  • Restrict and monitor data deletion from the system
  • Manage document life cycle, from creation to archiving or deletion
  • Set security levels for accessibility
  • Control document versions


  • Document Management Systems allow you to organize, create standards, reduce errors, reduce repetitive data creation and save money.
  • Document Management Systems are easily adaptable to current workflows, easy to use, customizable and scalable.


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GlobalCapture doesn’t just transform scanned images. It can also be used to extract business critical data from your everyday documents including emails, their attachments, PDFs, MS Office files and more.

Available as a standalone solution, GlobalCapture is also included with every GlobalSearch® ECM installation, reducing the expenses related to acquiring, training and supporting multiple product lines.

As a solution modeled to grow easily with your organization, GlobalCapture gives you the flexibility to purchase only what you need today, while affordably scaling functionality and performance features with your evolving needs.

Design, implement and support your capture workflow from anywhere, at any time, through any modern browser. GlobalCapture makes building out workflow processes easier and more accessible than ever.

*Some of the content above is directly from www.square-9.com.


An Average Business…

  • Spends up to 18 minutes  searching for a document.
  • Spends $1,500 per year per four-drawer filing cabinet
  • Misplaces/loses an average of 1 out of every 10 documents
  • 70% of businesses close down after a natural disaster, largely due to the loss of current documents, client information and archived files
  • On average, it costs $5 to file one hard copy document, $20 to find misplaced documents, and $100 to replace a misplaced document.
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