Office Copiers Camp Hill PA

DOCEO sells the best in class office copiers in Camp Hill PA. We stock the latest, most reliable copier models in the world including Toshiba and Lexmark copiers which have been tested and proven. In fact, all our Toshiba and Lexmark copiers come with a 5-year replacement pledge. Our customers have 5 years to use our copiers and decide if they are great or not!

Getting Our Office Copiers Camp Hill PA

We will send one of our representatives in Camp Hill PA to visit you and prepare a custom proposal that matches your business needs and budget. We’ll also stand by you during the transition period if you have an existing lease, old equipment or any other issues.

Brief Background of DOCEO

In Latin, DOCEO means to teach/instruct/demonstrate. Our brand represents our core business principle which is to educate and offer our clients the best office solutions possible. We do this by first understanding our clients and their unique needs. We have been offering office solutions since 2004.

Besides our core business of offering office solutions, DOCEO also gives back. We care about making a difference in the community which is why we have a corporate giving program that supports notable organizations in the U.S. like the American Cancer Society, ALS Association and Children’s Miracle Network.

So, if you’re thinking office copiers Camp Hill PA, think DOCEO. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy our customer service. We have a 2-hour service response time which means you never need to stop transacting business because of copier or any other office equipment problems.

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