John Lewis, Chief Executive Officer

John Lewis
President & CEO

Dave Bryson, Vice President

David Bryson
Vice President

Michael Black, Chief Sales Officer

Michael J. Black
Chief Sales Officer

Joette Willey, Chief Financial Advisor

Joette Willey
Chief Financial Officer

William Baldauf, Executive Vice President of Service

William Baldauf
Executive VP of Service

Christian White, Vice President of Sales – Eastern Pennsylvania

Christian White
VP of Sales, Eastern Pennsylvania

Brian Shaffer, Vice President of Sales – Cumberland County

Brian Shaffer
VP of Sales, Cumberland County

Amy Haines, Vice President of Sales – Dauphin County

Amy Haines
VP of Sales, Dauphin County

Tom Kuhn, Vice President of Sales – Maryland

Tom Kuhn
VP of Sales, Maryland

Laura Becker, Technology Consultant

Laura Becker
Technology Consultant

Brock Snider, Technology Consultant.

Brock Snider
Technology Consultant

Kristen Wolf, Technology Consultant.

Kristen Wolf
Technology Consultant

Art Fairbanks, Technology Consultant

Art Fairbanks
Technology Consultant

Seth Lewis, Technology Consultant

Seth Lewis
Technology Consultant

Jay Engle, Technology Consultant

Jay Engle
Technology Consultant

Donna Hake, Manager of Customer Care

Donna Hake
Manager of Customer Care

Bill Duick, Manager of Dispatch

Bill Duick
Manager of Dispatch

Emily Mullins, Accounting Specialist

Emily Mullins
Accounting Specialist

Katelyn Willey, Inventory Specialist

Katelyn Willey
Inventory Specialist

Jennifer Gebhart, Data Administrator

Jennifer Gebhart
Data Administrator

Chris Prestopine, Manager of Field Service

Chris Prestopine
Manager of Field Service

Josh McCarthy

Josh McCarthy
Senior Field Technician

Mike Patria, Logistics & Inventory Specialist

Mike Patria
Manager of Operations + Logistics

Adin Mendizabal, Manger of Set-Up & Recon

Adin Mendizabal
Manager of Set-Up + Recon

Ed Blankenstein

Ed Blankenstein
Logistics Specialist

Tom Ridinger, Shop Technician

Tom Ridinger
Shop Technician

Dan Gonzalez, Shop Technician

Dan Gonzalez
Shop Technician

Scott Sidor, Manager of Marketing

Scott Sidor
Manager of Marketing

Maya Solt, Graphic & Web Designer

Maya Solt
Graphic + Web Designer